Troy Smith Drafted By Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore - Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith has been drafted in fifth round by the Baltimore Ravens.

Ohio State's Heisman-winning quarterback, Troy Smith -- waited five full rounds and watched 173 players get picked before him in the NFL draft.

Finally, the Baltimore Ravens selected Smith as the fifth round's last pick.

Smith,whose stock dropped after Ohio State's overwhelming loss to Florida in the national championship game and a poor performance in a senior all-star game -- was picked on the verge of the draft's last round.

In his Heisman-winning season, the 6-foot-1, 213-pound Smith completed 203 of 311 passes and threw for 30 touchdowns and had six interceptions. For his career, Smith passed for more than 57-hundred yards and 54 touchdowns as Ohio State went 25-and-3 when he started.