Sale Of LTV's Coke Ovens Plant Hits Snag

WARREN, Ohio - The sale of LTV Steel's coke ovens plant in Warren hit a snag on Thursday, 19/43 News reported.

It looked like a sure thing, but a key customer backed out of the deal, and that might force a New York businessman to scrap his plans to buy the plant.

The Warren plant, which is used to convert coal into coke for making steel, is currently on hot idle status, but if it is not sold by the end of the week, it's likely to switch to cold idle, which would assuredly mean the end of coke production at the facility.

The company that had been interested in purchasing the plant -- the Tonawanda Coke Corp. from New York -- is now looking for an alternative customer.

More than 200 people used to work at the plant, and many of them were hoping to start working there again once the sale went through.