Highway Patrol Gives Failing Grade To School Buses

ELYRIA, Ohio - The Ohio State Highway Patrol gave a failing grade on Thursday to some of the buses used by the Lorain County Head Start program, 19/43 News' Wendy Gillette reported.

The Highway Patrol recently spot-checked most of the buses used by the agency that runs Head Start, and eight of its 16 buses failed.

Problems included oil leaks, loose seats and, in one case, a missing first-aid kit.

"For them to be riding on a unsafe bus, that's a problem," concerned parent Yvonne Williams said.

Anna Taylor-Carter, who is the president of the agency that runs Head Start, said that no one should be surprised.

"We have an old fleet," Taylor-Carter said. "We have a fleet that withstands a lot of wear and tear."

Taylor-Carter insisted that the problems are minor, and that the children are safe.

"The safety of those children are always in our uppermost interest," she said.

Taylor-Carter said that 12 of the Head Start buses are out of service right now because they are being repaired. That, she said, is leading to a lot of problems and delays for the young students.

"They depend on the bus," concerned parent Juan Castro said. "If they don't have the bus to get them to school, how are they supposed to make it?"

Taylor-Carter said that the agency is buying three new buses, although they're not sure how they will pay for them. She said that they also plan to increase routine maintenance of old buses.