Editorial: Legislative Nonsense

Cleveland, OH - The state of Ohio is on the rocks economically, its big cities hemorrhaging jobs and its mostly over-taxed citizens fleeing to other more obliging places to live.

But instead of doing anything that would address that situation, our state legislature is working instead to shut down strip clubs. That's right, sitting high on the state government agenda is a bill that would impose a 6-foot barrier between strip tease artists and their patrons. The law would also force these places to halt any nude dancing after midnight. The Ohio House has already passed this piece of legislative absurdity and the Senate may approve it next week.   The governor will probably sign it.

The law is the brainchild of a Cincinnati based religious group which is eager to impose its morality on the rest of the state. If passed, the law would cost people their jobs, further damage Cleveland's chances as a convention city and, most importantly, score another victory for those in the southern part of the state who want Ohio kept solidly in the 18th Century. Our lawmakers need to be working on ways to resuscitate the state's economy instead of this kind of special interest silliness and we all need to pick up the phone and tell them so.