Child Care Center Director Charged With Assault

CLEVELAND – A mother who put her trust in a Cleveland day-care center said that her son was subjected to emotional and physical pain at the hands of the center's director, 19/43 News' Harry Boomer reported.

Grace Messina said that her 3-year-old son, Nathan, was abused at the Cleveland Child Care Center at the hands of its director, Lisa DeMichele.

"She waits for my car to leave and she runs back, drags him out and she throws him on a cot, and she wraps a blanket around his head and she ties it," Messina said. "He cries to me, 'Please, don't take me. I'll be a good boy.' I kept taking him."

On Friday, DeMichele was arrested and formally charged with child endangering, assault and kidnapping.

Workers at the day-care center said that DeMichele would also lock Nathan in a room by himself for hours, and worse.

"He has been complaining about two weeks about his 'butt hurts,'" Messina said.

On Friday morning, other parents continued to bring their children to the facility, fully aware of the allegations.

"Now that they've found the bad element in this day care -- if they've eliminated her -- I feel fine," parent Melissa Medina said.

Messina said that she wants DeMichele punished.

"She made my child suffer. I want her to suffer," she said. "I want to show her the torture she showed my son."