Austintown: Police Officer Shot

Officer Joseph Wojciak
Officer Joseph Wojciak

Austintown, OH - An Austintown Township police officer is recovering this hour after being shot in the collarbone area Tuesday morning.

It happened in the K-Mart parking lot on Mahoning Avenue around 7AM.

The officer - 53-year-old Joe Wojciak - was sitting in his cruiser when the suspect - K-Mart employee Carlton Sims - approached Wojciak's vehicle and asked for directions.

The 22-year-old then yelled for the officer to get out of his car - and fired as Wojciak attempted to drive away.

Despite his injury, Wojciak followed the suspect and ran him down with his cruiser.

The officer fired two shots at Sims when he tried to flee into a wooded area - Sims was not hit by the officer's bullets.

Both men are recovering at the hospital.

No word on what charges will be filed against Sims at this time.