Dozens Walk Out At Ohio University To Demand More Protection

ATHENS, Ohio (AP) - Dozens walked out of classes at Ohio University on Monday to demand the school do more to protect them against sexual assaults and hate crimes.

A crowd, made up mainly of students, held a peaceful protest on College Green, a traditional gathering spot at the school of about 18,000 students.

"We want to show how many students are against hate crimes and sexual assault," Suzanne Seesman, a senior from Gaithersburg, Md., said before the rally. "The university does have a lot of programs for men and women who have been victims of sexual assault. But there are going to be lots of different groups at the event who are saying the university isn't doing enough."

Ohio University spokeswoman Leesa Brown said several departments within the university, including residence halls, student affairs, and health and wellness, have been working on the issues for years and have programs to prevent such incidents.

"It might be a situation here that we're doing so much that if you ask just one person you'll never get the whole answer," Brown said Monday. "I'm sure there's always more that we could do."

The walkout was organized after three attacks were reported last month to campus police. In two cases, female students were attacked in dormitories. The other case involved a gay female student who said she was beaten by a group of men as she walked home from a dance.

Police were investigating the cases.

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