Editorial Reply: Legislative Nonsense

Cleveland, OH - Channel 19's Bill Applegate recently voiced his opposition to the proposed 6-foot law which would mandate a 6 foot space between strippers and their patrons. I agree with Mr. Applegate that this law is a ridiculous waste of time and money. Ohio is losing jobs, money, and people; our education system is dysfunctional; our election boards and legislators are a national joke; we've earned national attention into state corruption and local predatory lending scandals - I think our legislators could use their time on far more serious issues.

If this law passes, Ohio will undoubtedly lose a lot of convention business, which would make the new convention center debate pointless. There is a simple solution if you don't like the idea of naked women prancing around entertaining grown men -  don't go there!! Just like television viewing, abortion and alcohol, if you don't like it, don't view it or don't do it. But don't legislate it out of existence for the rest of us! We can make up our own minds.

One of my favorite bumper-stickers states "the moral majority is neither." This country has come a long way to accommodate and respect the rights and points of view for an incredibly diverse population. Let's not start backtracking any further than we already have.  Thank you.