Babysitter Charged With Murder In Death Of Baby

CLEVELAND – A babysitter was charged with murder on Monday after the death of a 14-month-old baby girl was ruled a homicide, 19/43 News' Paul Orlousky reported.

Kristen Wilson said that from the moment that she found the baby, she knew it wasn't an accident.

"I knew it," Wilson said. "I knew it from the time I first saw that baby, and I said to (the babysitter), 'What the f--- did you do to this baby.'"

Wilson lived above 14-month-old Mykayla Johnson and her parents. Babysitter Lena Burley lived below them, and was watching Mykayla when she said that the child fell from a sofa.

The trauma was too extensive for her to have fallen from her bed.

There was extensive trauma to the head done. There was so much blood behind her eyes that it was determined that she must have been shaken.

The coroner's preliminary findings back up the charge by showing an internal brain injury.

Burley is now in jail, and her husband said that he doesn't know how it happened.

What is most devastating to Mykayla's parents and most shocking to neighbors throughout the neighborhood is the fact that the woman accused of hurting the baby is a woman who was a trusted neighbor to all.

"She seemed to be a very good, Christian woman," neighbor Bob Mosack said. "She has kids playing over there all the time."

What is puzzling to some is how Burley could care for a child in the first place because she is wheelchair-bound and in poor health.

Child abuse cases are up in Cuyahoga County. A variety of explanations have been given, including a simple trend toward acceptance of violence.