Brave Rape Victim Confronts Attacker In Court

CLEVELAND - A rape victim who continues to fight to recover confronted one of her attackers in a Cleveland courtroom on Tuesday, 19/43 News reported.

Lisa Bower, who said that she carries a whistle, walks in fear and sleeps with the lights on, showed tremendous bravery as she confronted the attacker, Christopher Miller.

"I've never been afraid of anything. You changed that," Bower told the man. "I still can't walk into a house late at night by myself. I still can't do it.

"I don't like this building. I don't like strangers. That's not me. My life now is nothing like it was."

Bower (pictured confronting Miller, above) offered a message to other rape victims. She said that if you get raped, you should report it, prosecute and try to confront your fears.

Police caught Miller by tracing calls made on a cell phone that he stole from the rape victim. Still, however, Miller refuses to reveal the name of the second person involved in the attack.