Pit Bulls Have Authorities On Canine Crackdown

CLEVELAND – Dangerous pit bulls are becoming a problem in the city of Cleveland, 19/43 News' Ed Gallek reported.

The city's chief dog warden, John Baird, said that he is hauling in record numbers of pit bulls, and cited one dog owner in particular -- an owner that lives next door to Alloi Hill.

"He came charging right after my husband, and then he started crouching down," Hill said. "He was snarling."

Baird said that the pit bull in question also bit into the clothing of a child down the block.

"We're just impounding them more and more every year," Baird said. "We're up about 35 percent."

Last year, 723 pits were seized, which was up from the previous high of 621 the year before. The record pace continues this year.

One factor might be that more people own pit bulls now than ever before.

The dangerous dogs get taken away when they attack or when their owners allow them run free. Pit bull owners also need special insurance and fencing or they could lose their dogs.

"The dogs have so much strength that if they bite someone, it's far worse than if another dog bites," Baird said. "Other dogs don't have the brute strength of pit bulls."

Hill's neighbor called 19/43 News to say it was a mistake that her dog got out, and that it's not vicious.

Despite that, Hill said that she doesn't regret calling in a complaint.

"You're trying to prevent someone from getting bit," Hill said. "That's really the problem."

Pit bull owners could lose more than just their dogs if they attack or are allowed to run wild. The owners could get fined and even get some jail time.