Transsexual Arrested For Lying To Get Marriage License

CANTON, Ohio (AP) - A Stark County man, who is being sued by his stepchildren who say he didn't disclose that he was once a woman, has now been arrested on charges that he lied to get a marriage license.

Canton city prosecutors said that 55-year-old Sean Brookings intentionally concealed his past divorces from both men and women on a 1994 marriage license from county Probate Court.

Ohio law requires people to disclose all divorces when applying for another marriage license.

Brookings was born Sharon Mae Brookings. As a woman, Brookings was married to two men and had two children.

After undergoing sex-reassignment surgery, Brookings married three more times. His last wife, Dimple McKinney, died two years ago, leaving her trailer to Brookings. McKinney's children are contesting the will.

Last week, Probate Judge Bill Spicer voided the marriage, ruling that Brookings never divorced his second wife.

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