Local Authorities Trying To Reel In Fish Bandit

MIDDLEBURGH HEIGHTS, Ohio – Police in Middleburgh Heights are trying to reel in a suspect who stole hundreds of dollars of fish, 19/43 News' Brett Anthony reported.

A Fish bandit stole $700 worth of fish at RMS Aquastore. He did it right in front of employees and surveillance cameras.

"What he did was after going through and picking out various fish, he had one of the employees bag them in small bags not knowing at the time the reason he was doing this was so we could conceal them very easily," store manager Christine Finkel said.

It's not the first time that the bandit has emptied an aquarium. Police said that he pilfered pet shops in New Jersey and Pittsburgh, and then sold his catch on the Internet.

Employees at the store said that the bandit surely had a plan.

"He wanted them put in oxygen, so they could remain in the bags for a long time," Finkel said. "He would also go back into the salt water area. It's a little bit more removed from the rest of the store. There are fewer customers back there. An employee saw him put the bags of fish and plants inside his jacket."

Along with that employee, Jerry Krause also saw the bandit in action.

"He went out one door, so I went out another door," Krause said. "He was parked, so I went outside and got his license number."

Police tracked the license plate to a man who is currently in a psychiatric hospital in Pittsburgh. They said that they would use the videotape and other evidence to build their case.

The police doesn't want the bandit to be the one that got away.