Editorial: A Diet of Expediency

Cleveland, OH - In the 1950's, John F. Kennedy won the Pulitzer Prize for his book profiles in courage. The book told the stories of eight U.S. Senators who crossed party lines and even defied the wishes of their constituencies in order to do the right thing. Well, we could use some of that courage today.

There are two compelling issues under broad debate in Washington these days - the Iraq war, of course, and the Immigration bill. And no matter where you stand on either issue, it's hard not to be disgusted by the self-interested politics being played by our so-called national leaders.

With the destinies of individuals and nations at stake, our members of Congress, especially those running for president, scurry for whatever position they believe will garner the most votes. Most of those condemning the war today voted enthusiastically for it back when it was popular. And it's easy to determine who is against the Immigration Bill just by focusing on the map - not the merits of the law. Courage may be in short supply in Washington these days, but our national character is getting fat on expediency.