Cleveland: Minister Convicted of Stealing $1.4M from School

CLEVELAND (AP) - A jury in Cleveland has convicted a minister accused of stealing more than one (m) million dollars from a charter school he founded.

The Reverend Mark Olds gave his wife a long hug after the verdict was read in U-S District Court yesterday, holding on to her until a guard tapped him on the shoulder and led Olds away in handcuffs.

Olds launched the Cleveland Academy of Math, Science and Technology in 2002. Prosecutors say the school was really just a way for Olds to enrich himself.

Charter schools are privately run schools that receive public money.

Prosecutors say Olds submitted inflated student counts to the state. Olds claimed the school had as many as 650 students, even though the building could hold only 150 students.

Olds is scheduled to be sentenced in August.