Painesville 'Pig' Man Serves His Unique Sentence

PAINESVILLE, Ohio - A Painesville man served a unique sentence on Friday for calling a police officer a "pig," 19/43 News' Paul Orlousky reported.

The comment landed Steven Thompson of Lake County on the city's Town Square, where for two hours, he bonded with a real 400-pound swine that brought the aroma of the farm with it.

The portable pigpen was hogtied to a street sign, creating a city sty. On a day drenched in honey-baked sunshine, "Dolly" squealed at the thought of helping the wheels of justice turn.

"I've got to stand with the pig, and I'm sorry I said what I said, and that's all I've got to say," Thompson said.

Thompson nervously hammed it up, but ultimately learned that you reap what you sow when you call police pigs.

"The pig didn't do anything wrong -- why should it be punished," onlooker Mary Horton said.

Many curious people took time off from their jobs to stare at the unique sight. One onlooker took a picture, and another asked Thompson if he was "the bad guy."

After the display on Friday, it's unlikely that Thompson or anyone else would associate pigs with police.