Federal Prosecutors Charge 41 In Suspected Cocaine Ring

CLEVELAND (AP) - At least 26 of 41 people charged with running a Cleveland drug ring were arrested in pre-dawn raids early Monday morning, and officers said that they are looking for the rest.

A grand jury issued indictments in the case last week, saying that the suspects sold crack and powdered cocaine near public housing on the city's east side.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Joseph Pinjuh said that the neighborhood has been a "hot spot" for drugs and gun violence.

Many complaints came from a Baptist church about deals in its parking lot.

Pinjuh said that officers made at least 40 undercover buys in the yearlong investigation.

Forty of the suspects have been charged with conspiracy, which includes a sentence of 10 years to life. A second indictment for one suspect doesn't include the conspiracy count.

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