Cleveland Clinic Police Officer Found Dead Along With Girlfriend

Parma, OH - The Parma Police Department has confirmed a murder-suicide located at 5715 Onaway Oval.

The murder and suicide was a boyfriend - girlfriend situation. The male was identified as 42-year-old Cleveland Clinic Police Officer Robert Grzywaczewski, and the female was identified as 27-year-old Mary C. Lyons.

Grzywaczewski apparently did not go to work and police were notified to head over and check on his status just before 6 a.m. Saturday morning.

Upon arrival, police found that the back door was opened, they entered and found two dead bodies.

Both victims were shot, it is unknown where on the body they were shot or how many times.

Parma police say the female victim has 2 children, they were not there at the time of the shooting, and are currently with the victim's ex-husband.

Officer Grzywaczewski was stabbed back in May 2007 while working at the Cleveland Clinic, as a police officer.

The officer was 41-years-old when he was stabbed in the chest and hand, he was treated and released later that day from Metro Health Medical Center.