Larry David Curbs Marriage after 14-Years

NEW YORK (AP) - The enthusiasm is gone: Larry David and his activist wife, Laurie, have separated after 14 years of marriage.

The split was "very amicable and ... they're going to continue to raise their two (daughters) together as friends," spokeswoman Heather Lylas said Tuesday.

No further details were provided.

David, 59, is the star and creator of the HBO hit comedy "Curb Your Enthusiasm," which chronicles the always strange daily doings of its curmudgeonly centerpiece. The TV Larry David's much put-upon wife is played by Cheryl Hines.

David also co-created the NBC classic "Seinfeld."

Laurie David produced "An Inconvenient Truth," the global-warming movie that won the Oscar for best documentary. In April, she accompanied singer Sheryl Crow on a college tour to raise awareness about climate change.