Editorial: Cavs Big Win

Cleveland, OH - Finally, after all this time, something has gone right for the old home town - for Cleveland.

Who would have thunk it, who would have bet on it? The town called the poorest city in America by social critics and, worse, by ESPN as the most tortured sports city in America - finally has a winner.

The Cleveland Cavaliers, decades in the dumps, have awakened to galvanize the city - blowing away the mighty Pistons in 6 games to win the Eastern Conference title and now, unbelievably, headed to the NBA Championship. That's right - championship.

The joy inside The "Q" and afterwards outside, exuberant yet peaceful was a tall drink of water for a longtime civic thirst. It's been a decade since the Indians came close to winning it all - a lifetime for the hapless Browns and their heartbroken fans. But, now the Cavaliers led by a genuine phenom from our backyard are poised to redeem a generation of victory starved fans.   But, even if they don't go all the way, they've already come far enough to make every Clevelander walk a little taller this week and how good is that?