Gubernatorial Candidate Caught Off-Guard At Radio Event

CLEVELAND (AP) - Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tim Hagan (pictured, right) was caught off-guard when his appearance on a radio show to talk about politics turned into an X-rated event.

Hagan was a guest Tuesday on WMJI-FM when, midway through his appearance, the show shifted to its annual Breast Fest contest comparing women from different Cleveland neighborhoods.

As Hagan sat with his radio hosts, five women paraded by to have their breasts judged.

"If I was looking for the Jerry Springer vote, that's it," said Hagan, who left when the segment ended. "I could have got up and made a scene. But what can I do? It was beyond my control."

Show producer Doc Thompson said Hagan's appearance at Breast Fest was coincidental. "It had nothing to do with Tim," he said.

Coincidence or not, Hagan was besieged by at least eight angry callers: his seven sisters and his wife, actress Kate Mulgrew.

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