NBA Finals Trophy Facts

Cleveland, OH - The NBA Trophy is on it's way to Quicken Loans Arena. Here are some fun facts about the history of the Larry O'Brien Trophy. The trophy will be located on the corner of Ontario and Huron.

  • The Larry O'Brien Trophy Structure is freestanding at 39 feet 6 inches high
  • It is constructed by steel box tubing, and aluminum truss, nylon and wood
  • The trophy structure sits on a 20 by 17 foot base platform
  • The vertical tower is 21 feet 9 inches tall
  • Its inflatable sphere is made of nylon and has a 16 foot diameter
  • The trophy's structure is supported inside by four 12 foot internal towers
  • It is designed to endure winds up to 90 miles per hour
  • There is already a trophy structure erected at the AT&T Center in San Antonio

The actual Larry O'Brien NBA Championship Trophy is awarded to the National Basketball Association team who wins the NBA Finals at the conclusion of every basketball season. The NBA Championship Trophy was created in 1977 and renamed in 1984 in honor of former NBA commissioner Larry O'Brien.

The trophy is mad of approximately 16 points of sterling silver and vermeil (with a 24 karat gold overlay) and stands about two feet tall. It is designed to look like a basketball about to enter a basketball net. The basketball itself is the same size as a regulation size NBA basketball. The trophy is created each year in the Tiffany & Co. Silver Shop.