Local Policeman Busted For Threatening President

CLEVELAND - A 10-year veteran of the Cleveland Police Department had threatened to kill President Bush, a local police chief and a local mayor.

The Investigator Tom Meyer learned exclusively that 3rd District patrolman Billy David threatened to shoot the President's head off. In a letter written to the FBI, the officer said that he planned to shoot the President "JFK style."

A friend of the officer's told The Investigator that David was angry that his girlfriend had left him for another man. David signed the new boyfriend's name to three letters which all threatened the President's life.

In addition, David threatened to kill former Lyndhurst Mayor Leonard Creary and the city's police chief, Anthony Adinolfi. The boyfriend resides in Lyndhurst.

The officer was charged with lying to federal investigators. He could have been charged with the much more serious offense of threatening the President, which carries a prison term of up to 5 years.

Federal authorities declined to explain why they didn't prosecute the officer on the more serious offense.