Remodeling Job Turns Up Mysterious Bones

CLEVELAND - A remodeling job in Cleveland turned up more than the homeowner had ever imagined -- mysterious bones, 19/43 News' Wendy Gillette reported.

Sherry Chambers said that she couldn't believe what she found as she dug through mounds of dirt under her floorboards. There were 30 bones that she said looked like those of human beings.

Chambers said she believes that she moved her family into a haunted house. A thought supported by the fact that she claims to have heard noises, including a baby crying, late at night.

"I believe in ghosts," Chambers said. "I believe the reason why ghosts are here is because something happened to them or they're between heaven and hell."

Most of the bones, some of which have already been identified as animal bones, are at the county coroner's office, where DNA tests will be run.