Editorial: Broken Schools

Cleveland, OH - Earlier this month we got the discouraging news that 43% of Cleveland High School seniors had failed the Ohio graduation test, a proficiency exam that is required to earn a high school diploma.

Other cities performed almost as poorly in their tests. Indianapolis, for example, had 60% of its seniors fail their test. In the case of Cleveland, the test results are somewhat misleading, because the 43% failure rate includes schools in the Cleveland Metro area.

If you look just at inner city schools, the figure is much worse - an alarming 75% failed the proficiency exam. These results also lump public and private schools together so it can reasonably be assumed that if graded alone, the public schools had graduation test scores that were even lower. Well, is it any wonder that voters consistently turn down school tax levies - money that is primarily used to increase teacher pay? The voters know that our public school system is hopelessly broken and scores like this just help prove it.