Revolutionary Roller Coaster Almost Ready To Roll

SANDUSKY, Ohio – You will soon be able to put your bravery to another test at Cedar Point when it opens in May, 19/43 News reported.

Park officials said that construction on its newest coaster, Wicked Twister, is almost complete, and it should be ready to roll when the park opens for its 2002 season.

Using a revolutionary linear induction motor propulsion system, Wicked Twister (pictured under construction, above) will blast riders out of its station reaching a top speed of 72 mph in just 2.5 seconds. It will propel riders forward and backward and up and down along a U-shaped track with spiraling 450-degree corkscrews atop each vertical 215-foot tower.

Wicked Twister will be the tallest and fastest "double-twisting" roller coaster in the world. It will be Cedar Point's 15th scream machine, which breaks the park's own world record for having more coasters than anywhere else on Earth.