Smoke In Cockpit Forces Jet To Land

CLEVELAND (AP) - A flight that originated in Pittsburgh and was bound for San Francisco made an emergency landing at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport after the pilot reported smoke in the cockpit.

US Airways Flight 741, a Boeing 757, landed safely in Cleveland about 7 p.m. Sunday. No injuries were reported among the 133 passengers or the flight crew, said Dave Castelveter, spokesman for the airline.

He said US Airways is trying to determine what caused the smoke.

Passenger Yvonne Daley told The Plain Dealer an acrid smell filled the cabin. She said the crew instructed passengers to keep their heads down and hold on to their ankles.

Daley said: "There were people praying. I didn't hear anyone screaming or see anyone panicking. People were remarkably kind to one another."

She said the landing was "unbelievably smooth" and that fire engines and rescue vehicles were standing by.

Castelveter said another plane was sent from Pittsburgh to fly passengers to San Francisco.

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