Free Phone Chat-Line Used To Lure 13-Year-Old Boy

CLEVELAND - You don't need a computer in the house any more for your child to get in trouble, 19/43 News' Ed Gallek reported.

Parents need to know that a new phone-chat system could be used to lure your child away, and it just happened to a child in Cleveland.

Just last week, a Cleveland detective spent three days looking for a 13-year-old boy who had vanished.

Police finally found him with a 19-year-old man near East 105th Street and Superior Avenue. They said that the boy had been lured to a home over a free phone chat-line with the promise of sex.

The phone chat-lines work in a similar fashion to Internet chat rooms, except that you talk live to real people.

"A parent wouldn't know because it wouldn't come across as a long-distance call, so these calls could be made over a period of time and a parent would never know," Cleveland Police Det. Greg King said.

Police arrested Demetrius White on sex charges.

Most parents don't even know about the phone chat-lines, but King said that the lines are growing in popularity.