Bridge Over Cuyahoga Locks; Ships Remain Docked

CLEVELAND – Many ships docked along the Cuyahoga River are stuck because of a problem with the famous bridge that crosses the river at its mouth near the Flats, 19/43 News' Brett Anthony reported.

The bad news is that the Coast Guard still doesn't know how they will fix the broken bridge, and suspects that it will take at least a couple of weeks to repair. The good news, however, is that very little commercial shipping comes down the Cuyahoga this time of year. Most of the goods coming down the river this time of year are materials used for other products.

The bridge will sit in the raised position until at least March after crews doing routine maintenance work found the problem that needed repaired. Rail traffic and limited ship traffic will be the only things feeling the impact of the bridge being locked.

"Next week, we're bringing down engineers from the Coast Guard and engineers from the railroad to assess what exactly the problem is," U.S. Coast Guard spokesman Brian Huth said.

The bridge is privately owned, but it lies across public waters, which places it under the jurisdiction of the Coast Guard.