Fourth-Grader In Trouble For Bringing Gun To School

CLEVELAND – Local parents were left stunned on Wednesday after their children were sent home with a letter that said a fourth-grader had taken a loaded gun to the Newton D. Baker School of the Arts a day earlier, 19/43 News' Lynna Lai reported.

The incident happened on Tuesday at approximately 2 p.m. at the school, which is located at the corner of West 159th Street and Lorain Avenue in Cleveland.

Thanks to the quick thinking of another fourth-grader, the gun was confiscated at that time and nobody was hurt.

The 9-year-old student who brought the gun to school said that he brought it to show his friends.

The news came as a huge surprise to everyone because Newton is an elementary school full of bright students who have to meet academic and behavioral requirements.

"I was very shocked because nothing like this has ever happened at the Newton School," parent Jerry Strothers said. "The kids that come to this school are all great kids, so this is totally out of the norm."

A school assembly was held on Wednesday to explain what had happened to the children, and to give them important information just in case a similar incident should ever happen again. Strothers' 6-year-old daughter, Mercedes, said that she did learn a valuable lesson.

"You shouldn't bring anything to school that might hurt you," she said.

At the assembly, the boy who reported the gun was rewarded with a certificate and a brand new backpack for a job well done.

As for the child who brought the gun, he was immediately taken out of class and now faces expulsion, which is likely.