19 Action News Animals

Eastern Screech Owl
Eastern Screech Owl
"Cucumber" The Python
"Cucumber" The Python

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Watch as 19 Action News Anchor Danielle Serino features a different adorable animal each week in her favorite segment - Action News Animals!

If you'd like information on adopting a cat from Purrfect Companions, call 216-671-MEOW or drop them an email - purrfect.companions@att.nett.

Call Jungle Bob at: 216-475-0703 or check out his WEBSITE.

Check out some oldies - but goodies!

June is Adopt-A-Cat month and the Cleveland APL has plenty of cats and kittens to go around.

Now is the time to pick one up for a small fee if you were ever thinking of becoming a pet owner! Click the video at the top of the list to meet two of the kittens up for adoption!

The Cleveland Animal Protective League stopped by again with another special guest that is now up for adoption. The Center has many kittens now that Spring is upon us and many dogs needing a good home.

Watch the latest video clip to see our special guest for the week!

The Cleveland Animal Protection League brought by the fuzz to 19 Action News. The APL has a 12-year-old gorgeous green eyed feline that is in need of a good home. For more information on this animal. click the associated link at the top left of this page.


If you don't like spiders, this week's guest will have you in chills. A female Tarantula snuck in for a quick visit. Watch the associated video for details!


The Friendship APL stopped by to remind 19 Action News viewers of their wide selection of animals up for adoption. The variety ranges from older dogs to puppies, trained, to in training.
If you need a pet, we urge you to stop by a local shelter before shelling out hundreds on a pet store animal.


A five year old German Shepard from the Cleveland APL strutted his stuff at 19 Action News. The APL is making an effort to get residents to adopt some of their older animals instead of the puppies and kittens.
They are already trained, well behaved, and make great pals!


Wow! A Monkey King Skink dropped from it's branches to say hello to 19 Action News Meteorologist Jenn Harcher! Check out the associated video to the left to learn about this amazing animal!


Just in time for the holidays- a Turkey Vulture dove into 19 Action News to share a little a bit of it's background with us! Check out the related video to learn all the about the Turkey Vulture. 


The Geico insurance spokesanimal was at 19 Action News to show off his detachable tail! Click the video associated with this visitor to find out more!


 The guardian of Terminal Tower is back and in full swing. 19 Action News is featuring the Falcon today. Learn more on this wonderful bird by watching the attached video to the left.


 A creepy creature slithered into 19 Action News all the way from Madagascar - just in time for Halloween. To learn about the African Boa Constrictor click on the Madagascar video link to the left.


 No, it's not a Furby! An Eastern Screech Owl took time to visit the 19 Action News studios on Sunday morning.


Virginia the Possum made her debut on 19 Action News air-waves. To find out more information on this fine marsupial species watch the video titled "Virginia the Possum"


 Edward the Groundhog popped up from the ground over the weekend to educate viewers on his lifestyle. Learn all about Edward the Groundhog in the video titled "Groundhog Day at 19 Action News."


 The Akron Zoo's Tawny Frog Mouth came into the studio and showed everyone how it looks like an Owl in the eyes and has the mouth of a frog. Watch the video to find out more information on this amazing creature.


Dr. Zoo Little brought a foxy lady with him this time around to 19 Action News. To learn more about the golden African Fox, watch the video titled "A Foxy Encounter.'


 A Turkey Vulture dropped in to stalk 19 Action News Meteorologist Jon Loufman this weekend. Just in time though, migration season is just ahead and the bird will be flying South as soon as it sees a cold weather forecast on 19 Action News.


19 Action News has a rat in the station - but not the typical rat that is little and loves cheese. This is a Rat Snake. Check out the video attached to learn more on the black and yellow rat.


A South American Macao flew up North and over West to drop in and pay visit to 19 Action News Meteorologist Jon Loufman. To learn about this beautiful bird click the video attached along the left hand side of this story.


19 Action News doesn't give a hoot that this visitor left something smelly behind. A crazy big eyed Owl swooped down to see 19 Action News Meteorologist Jon Loufman. Watch the video attached to see what the Hawk left behind.


 Dr. Zoo Little made a visit to 19 Action News and brought some creepy crawlers with him. Watch the video attached to see what crawls out of his bag this time!


Nikki McClellan, a wildlife specialist form the Lake Erie Nature and Science Center, brought in two fun little Possums to tell their tale of a short life and great acting skills. Watch latest video to hear their story.


Hide the mice and any other small animals, 19 Action News was visited by a huge Hawk from the Akron Zoo. Deborah Swank tells us all about this feathery beast in the clip attached to this story.


The softest animal in the world crawled up from South America to meet up with Jon Loufman and have a quick interview with Catherine Bosley. Watch the video clip attached to see this weekend's Action Animal.


A rare visit from a White Tail Deer. Jenny, not Bambi, made her way to the station to shake her tail at 19 Action News' Jon Loufman. Click the video attached to learn more about her.


Dr. Zoolittle is here from the Cleveland Zoo and brought a friend with him. The Python Snake was brought to the zoo in 1992 as a young animal. Rumor has it she was very short and stocky, looked like a cucumber and because of that, she was named "Cucumber".


Todd Boerner, an education specialist from the Akron Zoo, brought in a Kinkajou. They are also known as Honey Bears. This nocturnal Honey Bear is named Chloe, you can visit her at the Akron Zoo. Watch the video clip attached to find out more about Chloe.


Meteorologist Jon Loufman was visited by a guest that can be very smelly and possibly hiding under your porch. Dave Wolf, Director of Wildlife at the Lake Erie Nature & Science Center stopped by and brought along one of their Skunks! Watch the video clip to see how it went.


Meteorologist Jon Loufman met up with a Stork from the Cleveland Metro Park Zoo. The Stork really enjoyed our Meteorologist's buttons, and no, the Stork did not bring a baby.