5-Year-Old Stabbing Puts New Spotlight On Flats Safety

CLEVELAND - A stabbing five years ago is putting a new spotlight on your safety in the Flats, a popular entertainment district in Cleveland, 19/43 News reported.

Joe Kowalski was stabbed in a parking lot on Old River Road, and because of that incident he's now blind and suffering from brain damage. He also has very little use of his arms and legs.

Now a civil trial is about to begin as a result of a lawsuit filed by Kowalski and his family complaining that the parking lot did not have enough security.

"Hopefully, in this case, the jury's going to have the opportunity to perhaps send a message to the entire community that this violence will not be tolerated," Kowalski's attorney, Craig Bashein, reported.

The parking lot operators argued that there in fact was plenty of security.

One man was arrested for the stabbing, but he was later found to be not guilty.

The civil trial will begin on Feb. 25.