Student Accused Of Bringing Butcher Knife Onto Bus

CLEVELAND - A Cleveland elementary school student is accused of bringing a butcher knife onto his school bus, 19/43 News reported.

It's the second time in two days that a young Cleveland student was busted for bringing a weapon onto school property.

On Friday, the student, who appeared to be in the second or third grade, brought the knife to Orchard Elementary School on West 41st Street.

Because of the rash of incidents like this both in Cleveland and elsewhere, school district employees are on alert for things like this.

In the latest case, a bus driver spotted the knife-wielding student on the bus while on the way to school. The driver notified the principal when they arrived at Orchard, and police were called.

The young boy was held in the office and then taken away by police. He skipped to the police car, seemingly unaware of the severity of his actions.

Parents with whom 19/43 News talked, however, were keenly aware of the danger.

"It does frighten me because I've got my girls here, but they've got to stop that," concerned parent Elizabeth Vasquez said.

"Schools nowadays scare me, but I've got to have them in school," concerned parent Patricia Herd said. "When I was young, you didn't have to be afraid to go to school."

What will happen to the student is still unclear. District officials are investigating, and they won't say much.