Editorial: Lawless Streets

Cleveland, OH - Last week marked the 4th of July Independence Day celebration - the annual holiday commemorated with cookouts, fireworks and increasingly, with gunfire.

In Cleveland, it was one of the deadliest 4th of July holidays ever - with 11 people shot and 6 people killed in separate incidents. The shooting on Sky Lane drive by a neighbor angered by the boisterous party next door was an isolated incident but the shootings of 4 people downtown and the other violence that night, reflects an image of lawlessness on the streets of Cleveland.

Indeed, Cleveland is now ranked as the 7th most dangerous city in the nation. Murders in our hometown rose in 2006 from 79 to 109. And, what are we doing about it? Mostly just talk, Mayor Jackson, following this latest bloodshed, put out a press release saying that violence won't be tolerated. But where are the police? The shootings in the Warehouse District the night of July 4th involved a mob of young men. Where were the police? We have to stop the lip service and start hiring police officers. Public safety should be the number one priority of any city government. Why is that not the case here?