Bloodshed Continues on Cleveland Streets

Joesph Wynn
Joesph Wynn

Cleveland, OH - The violent deaths over the weekend pushed Cleveland's unofficial death toll up to 71. At the rate this city is going, 2007 will be more deadly than 2006.

Last year, in 2006, Cleveland lost one-hundred-sixteen people to violent crimes. In the past two weekends, more than half a dozen were killed. Police fear at at the rate the crime is happening, Clevelaland will have over 130 violent deaths in 2007, passing up last year.

Over the weekend all the regions were covered. Three deadly shootings were logged in the books with four people shot, three of which died, and one stabbing.


The first shooting happened downtown in the Flats at a night club, the second shooting was on the West side, and the third deadly shooting was on the East side.

Late night Saturday into early Sunday morning, three people were murdered.

The first murder occurred outside of local night club "Mirage on The Water" down in the Flats of downtown Cleveland. The 26-year-old male victim, Joesph Wynn, was leaving the club and had just escorted his cousin to her car when he was shot several times on the way back to his vehicle. Wynn was also shot in the head, found dead on scene when police arrived.

Authorities are interviewing one witness to the shooting rampage. Police are still investigating this case.


The second shooting death went down on the West side. The shooting happened at W.136th Street and Carrington Avenue. There were two people shot at a home, a 50-year-old female and a 63-year-old male.

The female was shot and stabbed several times, the male was also shot and stabbed. The two were taken to Metro Health Medical Center, the female died early Sunday morning in the hospital. The male apparently had a large amount of cocaine on him and was arrested for possession.

Instead of calling 9-1-1, the female called a friend and alerted that her and her husband had been shot. The witness arrived and called police for the wounded around 3:06 a.m. Sunday.

Police say there were signs of struggle, but no signs of forced entry to the home.


The third shooting death happened on the East side early Sunday. The homicide happened at E.121st Street and Cromwell Avenue. EMS and Police arrived at the location and found 17-year-old Tony Rice shot in the back.

Rice apparently had just left a party at East 121st and Buckingham when he was confronted by an unknown male. The suspect then shot him several times in the chest.

Rice staggered to East 121st Street and Cromwell Avenue, where he then collapsed. The suspect, who was last seen running east on Buckingham, is still on the loose.

If you have any information on any of the above mentioned shooting deaths please contact your local authorities.