Major Jackson Issues Statement on Recent Violence

Cleveland, OH - Mayor Frank Jackson has issued the following statement in response to the string of violence in the city of Cleveland:

As Mayor of the City of Cleveland, I have not and will not tolerate violence and crime. The Division of Police and I have developed a strategic plan to reduce crime through enforcement and prevention. It has resulted in a decrease in most major crimes, such as rape, robbery, burglary, theft and auto theft, and felonious assault and other assaults, this year over the same period as last year. As a part of that plan, there have also been 190 federal indictments focused on organized crime around drugs and guns since I took office.

At the same time, we have seen a rise in homicides, particularly homicides with firearms. Because any homicide is one too many, I am committed, as is the Chief of Police, to continuing our aggressive approach to law enforcement.

Law enforcement is only one part of the solution. Prevention and intervention are key. Over the last 18 months, we have taken many steps to provide young people with better choices over a life of crime. Here are a few examples:

" One Voice Zero Tolerance began in early 2006 as a way to reach out to young people, provide a positive message and connect them with jobs and resources;

" More than 2,000 young people are working this summer through our One Voice Zero Tolerance program; last year, approximately 1,000 young people had jobs because of this effort;

" Nearly 1,000 youth came to our Youth Summit in June to build character, conduct and courage; and,

" City Recreation Centers now have student assistants, and a peer-based tutoring program, with the assistance of Chief of Education Tracy Martin and Cleveland State University.

There is no silver bullet or panacea. It takes a plan and long-term commitment which we have. We will continue to work our plan and aggressively enforce the law in the City of Cleveland.