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Russian Gymnasts Suspended For Doping

DORNBIRN, Austria (AP) - Two Russian gymnasts were suspended after testing positive for prohibited substances at the acrobatic gymnastics World Cup final in April.

The International Gymnastics Federation said Tuesday it handed Tatiana Okulova a two-year suspension after she tested positive for the banned diuretic Furosemide at the finals in Puurs, Belgium. Stanislav Kofelnikov tested positive for marijuana and received a six-month ban.

Okulova, 17, won gold with world champion Revaz Gurgenidze in the mixed pair event.

Diuretics increase urine production and are used to treat patients with renal problems. They can also be used to mask the presence of steroids and other banned substances.

Kofelnikov earned the silver medal with Viacheslav Spirin in the men's pair event at the World Cup final.

FIG also sent a letter of warning addressed to the Russian Gymnastics Federation, which will be sanctioned within the next two years for failing "to exercise fair play."

The gymnasts have the right to appeal to the FIG Appeals Tribunal.

Acrobatic gymnastics, formerly known as sports acrobatics, features pairs or groups of athletes who perform routines to music.

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