Cleveland Metropark Zoo: Name The Baby Rhino

Cleveland, OH - The Cleveland Metro Park Zoo has welcomed a new member to the Zoo family, a baby Rhino.

Sixty pounds may seem big for a baby, but it's nothing compared to how big the new Rhino calf at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo will grow.  The female rhino, born last Wednesday after a 15-month gestation, is a major success in the zoo's efforts to breed this critically endangered species.

The calf is the third black rhino born at the zoo since 2001 and the first fathered by Rhino Jimma.  The calf is staying close to her mom, inge, and seems to be in excellent health.  She is not yet on public display.  The zoo is committed to conservation and breeding programs that will preserve this important species for generations to come.

19 Action News wants you to help name the new Rhino. Leave your Rhino name suggestion below, they will then be turned over to the Zoo for them to choose from.