Casting Call - Kid Nation - August 1st


CBS 19 is hosting an Open Casting Call for KID NATION. The brand new reality TV show that just might make your kid a star!

  • Wednesday, Aug. 1
  • Crocker Park [Get Directions]
  • Starts at 10 am
  • In the Chess Gardens next to Claddagh Irish Pub
  • First 400 kids guaranteed an audition
  • Ages 8 - 15 at the time of application


You may arrive early, but we discourage you from camping out the night before. Over night accommodations are not permitted per city ordinance at Crocker Park due to curfew and noise prohibitions. You may arrive early on the day of the casting call. However, Crocker Park will not be available to line visitors up in the order of arrival UNTIL 8 a.m.

Parents: Please print, complete and bring their application to the event.

Get the application here 

Note: Please disregard the section of the application instructing you to make your own tape. The purpose of the casting call is to provide you with this tape. Simply bring your completed application and your child to the casting call - CBS 19 will conduct a 2-minute taping session. We will then mail your application and audition tape to Kid Nation.

What happens at the casting call?

Each child will have 2 minutes in front of our cameras to say why they should be on Kid Nation! The point of the video is for them to show us their personality, a slice of their life. It is not recommended that they perform skits or scripted

material. We want to get to know your kid. This is the adventure of a  lifetime! Kids should talk about anything that represents who they are, and what they bring to the group. Are they social, smart, crafty, athletic, influential, a leader? Kids have to tell us, otherwise, we'll never know.

Parents (or our camera crew) are allowed to help children through the interview by asking questions. We want kids to be outgoing, personable, but mostly, to be themselves. They can talk about their hobbies, things they love, things they hate, opinions on everything from the school lunch lady to the President. Parents should encourage them to talk about things they feel comfortable talking about, and to also talk about why they would be a great asset to a group of kids forming their own community. Could they be the leader? The chef? The accountant? What do they bring to the table? What would their role be? What do they do at home, that makes them a good candidate?

What is Kid Nation?

40 children, 40 days, no adults-eager to prove they can build a better world for tomorrow in the new reality series KID NATION.

Settling in Bonanza City, New Mexico, once a thriving mining town but now deserted, these kids, ages 8 to 15 and from all walks of life, will build their own new world, pioneer-style. They will confront grown-up issues while coping with the classic childhood emotions of homesickness, peer pressure and the urge to break every rule.

Episodes end with a town meeting in which the kids award one child a gold star worth $20,000, all leading to the grand finale, with an unimaginable test, the biggest awards and a special surprise for every child.