Civil Service Questions Accounts Commissioner's $99 Degree

CLEVELAND (AP) - Cleveland's Civil Service said that the person in charge of paying more than $1 billion a year in city bills and payroll isn't qualified for the job because she has a college degree that sells for $99.75.

The Plain Dealer reported that Sharreen Jackson holds a degree in theocentric business and ethics from the unaccredited American College of Metaphysical Theology. The school's Web site said that most students finish their degrees in 60 days. Jackson said that it took her a year.

The Civil Service office said that Jackson doesn't meet the minimum requirements to be commissioner of accounts. She was hired in January 2001.

The job requires a bachelor's degree in finance, business or a closely related field. Jackson said that she doesn't need a degree to keep her job because she's worked for 10 years in finance offices of private companies.

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