Editorial: Cleveland Athletic Club Closing

Cleveland, OH - Downtown Cleveland is about to lose another icon of its once glorious past - the legendary Cleveland Athletic Club may not live to see its 100th birthday next year. A victim not only of declining membership but of indifference by the city of Cleveland whose Euclid Corridor Project is in large part responsible for the CAC's plight.

The club, which stands as an important part of Cleveland's history, unfortunately stands also on Euclid Avenue - a street now so ripped up it looks like it belongs in Baghdad. With its entrance virtually blocked, the club has hemorrhaged its lucrative catering business. The club was already struggling to compete with the suburban clubs and is now saddled with a $750,000 dollar debt. But, it's the Euclid Corridor Project that is poised to hammer the last nail.

The city of Cleveland says it will offer the CAC a small grant and a quarter million dollar low-interest loan. That may be enough to keep the grand old lady alive for another 6 months but, the city ought to do more. We can't keep turning our heads while the very foundations that made the city great are swept into the dustbin.