Zoo Kangaroo Euthanized Amid Train Accident

Cleveland, OH - Cleveland Metroparks Zoo officials are saddened to announce that a 1-year-old female kangaroo was euthanized Tuesday, July 24, after an accident involving the train ride in the Australian Adventure exhibit.

Zoo officials took immediate action following the unfortunate incident, shutting down the train ride and ordering new fencing that will eliminate any encounters between the Australian Adventure animals and the train.

The incident, which occurred about noon, has been attributed to human error.  The preliminary investigation reveals the train operator did not see the red kangaroo lying on the tracks before being hit.  Members of the Animal Care staff were nearby and rushed the kangaroo to the Zoo's animal hospital.

Veterinary care staff treated the kangaroo, but the severity of injuries required the kangaroo be euthanized at 1:30 p.m.

The Zoo promptly terminated the employment of the train operator.

Existing Zoo protocol contains safety measures intended to prevent such incidents.  They include guidelines for speed limits, train operator training and constant monitoring of the animals in the area.

Immediately following Tuesday's accident, Zoo staff took steps to install fencing that will prevent any encounters between the train and animals in Australian Adventure.  The train will remain closed until it is finished.

The Zoo regrets this unfortunate incident and is committed to taking steps that will ensure the safety of all its animals at all times.