Editorial: Political Payback

Cleveland, OH - A nifty piece of political payback took place last week and there was so little news coverage about it, you might have missed it.

Governor Ted Strickland, still on his political honeymoon and wasting little time since the election, signed an executive order giving some 7,000 state employed home health care workers the right to join a union. Up until now, those workers were private contractors with no right to organize. The union they now have a right to join, thanks to the governor, is the politically active service employees international union. And, what do you know; the SEIU just happened to have contributed $135,000 dollars to the governor's campaign and better still, $1.6 million dollars to the Democratic party in 2006.

In what must have been a lip-biting moment of profound hilarity, the governor last week said his decision was just a matter of fairness.  From the union's point of view, the money, which bought the governor's support, was well spent. There are a quarter of a million additional home health care workers out there the union wants also to recruit. For the taxpayers, what else but higher costs and business as usual in Columbus?