Police Charge Victim's Daughter With Double Murder

South Euclid, OH - Police have arrested the daughter of one of the murder victims in Sunday's double homicide.

Tabitha Messina, 18-years-old, and 19-year-old Carlos Christopher are now behind bars for two counts of aggraveated murder.

Sunday evening two people were violently murdered over the weekend on Donwell Drive around 6:00p.m.

South Euclid Police Department responded to 1804 Donwell Drive regarding a welfare check.  Upon officers' arrival, they noted that the screen to an enclosed patio was torn and a window was broken out of an entrance door to the house.

Once inside the home, officers discovered the bodies of the homeowner 50-year-old Richard Messina, and his girlfriend 43-year-old Sandra Cover.

The South Euclid Police Department is investigating this as a double homicide.

Sunday evening, the South Euclid Police Department recovered a vehicle that had been taken from the home along with a weapon which is believed to have been used in the crime.

Police questioned three people Monday and then issued arrest warrants for the victim's daughter and her male firend.

The South Euclid Police Department has responded to 1804 Donwell Drive, 68 times since January 1st, 2005 for various reasons and the address is on the department's nuisance abatement list.

This is the first homicide in the City of South Euclid since October of 2003 when the South Euclid Police Department was called to the scene of a domestic homicide, which was successfully prosecuted.