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High School Student Molested By Predator In Locker Room

LAKEWOOD, Ohio - A teen-age boy was molested in a locker room at Lakewood High School by someone who was not at all affiliated with the school, 19/43 News reported.

The sexual predator attacked the defenseless victim after he got out of the high school's swimming pool.

"This gentleman approached the student and accosted him," Lakewood Schools superintendent Dr. Joseph Madak said. "The student reacted in such a way that the man fled."

Police later caught Edward Bartel, the man identified by the student as the person who attacked him.

The victim and five girl swimmers all stayed late to practice for a state competition. He was getting dressed after practice when Bartel (pictured, above) allegedly groped him.

"I want to know how he got in because I have a high school student and I'm not very happy about it," concerned Lakewood mother Dawn Osborne said.

"It's very disturbing," Lakewood father Bob Gajewski said. "I thought that the school was a little more secure than to allow some guy like that to get into the school."

Until the Feb. 11 incident, the school's pool was open to the public, meaning that anyone could just stroll in and have run of the facility. That has now changed.

"We've increased our security in the area," Madak said. "We are keeping doors locked that weren't locked before. In addition to that, we've increased our camera or TV monitoring of the area."

The Lakewood incident was the first of three recent security breaches to happen at local schools. At three other area schools, a convicted murderer was found wandering the hallways looking for money.

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