Editorial: Jaywalkers

Cleveland, OH - A week or so ago, a Cleveland city councilwoman struck a pedestrian with her car on Superior Avenue near Public Square. The councilwoman said the pedestrian, who wasn't badly hurt, wasn't even looking and just ran out into the path of her car.

For anyone who travels frequently through downtown Cleveland, her story or any account for that matter about the risky antics of jaywalking pedestrians, is hardly met with surprise.   Driving downtown these days, especially during rush hour, means competing in a

Nerve-racking game of human dodge ball - as legions of jaywalkers bob and weave their way across lanes of moving vehicles.

The most recent statistics show that an average of 30 pedestrians are killed each year in the Cleveland Akron Metro area, scores are injured.  And it's nothing short of a miracle that the numbers aren't double that. In cities like New York or Los Angeles, you hardly ever see scenes like this anymore because those cities have cracked down hard on jaywalkers with tickets and big fines. But in Cleveland, the police don't seem to mind and the jaywalkers, mindless for sure, are free to flaunt the laws while risking everyone's safety.