Editorial: Surveillance Cameras

Cleveland, OH - The city of Cleveland now has a whole bunch of red light traffic cams designed to fleece unsuspecting motorists. But the cameras the city ought to be installing are the ones now going up at the rate of 15 per week in Chicago.

I'm talking about surveillance cameras designed to crack down on precisely what's ailing Cleveland - street crime.

Chicago now has 200 of these sophisticated cameras positioned in high crime areas including neighborhoods infested with drugs and gangs. Some of the cameras are equipped with gunshot detectors. A similar system is coming to New York which plans 100 cameras in downtown Manhattan by years-end. The concept was imported from Britain which has 4 million cameras instrumental by the way, in recently capturing a group of would-be terrorists. Chicago police say they see a significant reduction in street crime wherever the cameras are located.   Predictably, the ACLU opposes the surveillance cameras, but a recent survey shows that most Americans - by a nearly 3 to 1 margin - support their use. And, you can bet that most Cleveland's would jump on that bandwagon in a heartbeat. City hall should be aiming cameras at criminals, not hapless motorists and wouldn't that be progress?