Bridge Collapse Facts

Interstate bridge collapses into Mississippi River


-- steel-arched

-- built in 1967

-- rose 64 feet above the river

-- stretched 1,900 feet across the water

-- depth of the water underneath is between 4 to 14 feet


-- Interstate 35W bridge spans Mississippi River in Minneapolis.

-- Major artery in the Twin Cities.

-- Broke into sections, crumbled into water.

-- Happened during bumper-to-bumper, evening rush hour traffic.

-- Dozens of vehicles scattered, stacked on top of each other.

-- School bus had just crossed the bridge.


-- Authorities: at least 4 dead.

-- as many as 30 people reported missing.

-- 79 injured.


-- Interstate 35W bridge built in 1967.

-- Arched bridge, rising about 64 feet above the Mississippi.

-- Single, 458-foot-long steel arch.

-- Bridge's surface was getting repairs.

-- Governor Tim Pawlenty: bridge inspected in 2005 and 2006.

-- Pawlenty: no structural problems noted during inspections.

-- Pawlenty: "catastrophe of historic proportions for Minnesota."

-- Other bridges being checked.


-- Homeland Security: does not appear terrorism-related.

-- FBI: terrorism does not appear to be a factor.

-- Minneapolis Police: appears to be structural collapse.


-- Governor Tim Pawlenty ordered inspections of all bridges in the state with similar designs.

-- Transportation Secretary Mary Peters announced $5 million grant for rerouting traffic.