19 Action News Takes Action Against Violent Crime

Cleveland, OH - In the wake of one of the bloodiest summers on Cleveland's streets in our city's history, 19 Action News has been pressing Mayor Frank Jackson for solutions to Cleveland's exploding crime rate.

His response? No comment to 19 Action News.

So our invitation for the Mayor to appear on our newscast for a live unedited interview continues-and, as his silence continues-we're going a step further to find answers on our own.

Watch for special reports from 19 Action News Anchor Sharon Reed-- from large cities, similar in size to Cleveland-where leaders have gotten dramatic results in reducing violent crime.

How did they do it? How quick did they do it? And does it prove that our city's administration is completely missing the mark in keeping you safe?

Watch 19 Action News for our continuing coverage of a story that effects all of us, wherever we live in Northeast Ohio.

And our invitation still stands, Mayor Jackson. We're ready when you are.