Brady Quinn Addresses Public On Signing Contract

Berea, OH - Cleveland Browns QB Brady Quinn held a press conference Wednesday morning to discuss his official contract signing.

Quinn told the media "I don't deserve anything, I have to earn a lot with the coaching staff, but also with the team."

When asked what he had been doing to keep up with the offense during his 11 day holdout, Quinn replied:

" I actually purchased a laptop with the system that we have here at the Browns. I used that to download all of the tape we had from O.T.A.'s, the rookie mini-camp, and the veterans mini-camp. I've been watching those things the entire time. It's similar to the install we had through camp, which I also had.

Prior to leaving here, from mini-camp, I actually took out a bunch of stuff we could take from the playbook with me to study. Go over and kind of go back over for each install. So while, you know, everyone was going through the installs here, I was back out in Arizona going through the same install.  Just out there by myself."

After missing the first week and some change of traing camp Brady talked tactics on how he would try to catch up with the rest of the Quarterbacks.

"The only thing I can control is what I do now. Preparing myself, working hard every day and getting caught back up. This is a great learning process for me, not only from the stand point of being on the field, but kind of being removed and kind of understanding how things work"

Brady Quinn does expect to start this year whether it be week one or week six. Quinn told the press "I think it's again, the coaching staff it's up to. There is some things you can't control. The only thing I can control is what I try to do every day. Coming in and catch back up and doing the best on the field."

The former Notre Dame quarterback was offered a five-year-contract for $20 million dollars, $7.75 million guaranteed with the opportunity of earning a total of $30 million dollars after endorsements.